Kimberly Boulon Swims Trunk Bay for the Kids

Kimberly Boulon Swims Trunk Bay for the Kids

St. John is my home for 41 years. Trunk Bay is where I swim and snorkel year round - always seeing new marine creatures and their habits, including our sea birds, while enjoying the luscious water and beautiful hills, sky and sail boats passing by. I have been swimming/snorkeling the Maho Bay to Trunk Bay equivalent (2.25 miles) by covering 8 lengths of Trunk Bay (.28 miles rocks to rocks) + >53ft, with freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, so I get the pleasure of my total incredible surroundings! I so want all of our St. John kids to experience the joy I feel, engaging comfortably in the water. Supporting the Friends' Learn to Swim Program will accomplish just that! Thank you!

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“My beautiful mermaid swimming for the kids. Very special!”


Ralf Boulon
Jun 17, 2020
Virgin Islands, United States


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Kimberly Boulon


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