In Memory: Andy Stillman

Inspiring Passion For The Park In Our Youth! The Stewards Of The Future!

October marks the beginning of a new season for the Friends. Sadly, this time has been pronounced by the passing of one of our board members, Andy Stillman.  It is hard to accept that the passing of a dear friend would inspire, but in this loss, there is an opportunity for us to thank Andy for his passion, support and 21 years of service as a board member, and to reflect on one man’s legacy to St. John and our park!

In a tribute from the Friends Board, Andrew Rutnik writes:

When you pass from one world to another, there is a tail of illumination that stretches far behind, filled with a life for all to remember and share. The tears are for the living, a way to fill your cup of sorrow. The fond memories are many and our love is released to all who listen.

To be truthful [Andy] loved all parks because he had the view that these are sacred places where people can experience the outdoors, historical and cultural sites that educate and inspire, the fresh air, clean waters, and open sky.  I can say for sure it was his love of parks that made him such a strong and ardent supporter of the Friends programs for youth - the ‘School Kids in the Park’ program, the Junior Ranger program, the camping at Lameshur, where countless school-age children experienced visiting, living and working in the park. For he harbored a belief, that if children are introduced to the Park at an early age, they would understand the need to protect, preserve and connect to their Park.

On behalf of the Friends of the Park Board, President Todd Sampsell, Staff, and the many beneficiaries of your years of community service, we wish to offer our sincere condolences to Andy’s family, wife Joy and daughters, granddaughters, during this time of sudden loss.

Gifts made in honor of Andy Stillman will go towards our education and outreach programs for youth.