Power Swim 20th Anniversary Raffle

We're celebrating 20 years of the Beach To Beach Power Swim with an awesome raffle! Over $2,000 worth of great prizes to be had! Win restaurant certificates, boat trips, jewelry, and other cool items! Take a chance in this fun pot luck raffle and support things like swim lessons, sea turtle protection, marine outreach, and more.

Tickets will be sold until 9AM (EST) on Saturday, May 27, 2023! No tickets will be sold after the Saturday deadline! The drawing will take place at the Power Swim awards ceremony on Sunday, May 28, 2023!
We will keep adding prizes as they are donated by these generous supporters!  As at March 16 the winner will receive:
SALTY DAZE — 1/2 day trip on Salt Deck.
SALTY DAZE — $50 gift certificate to Dazey Drive In store.
LIME OUT — $100 gift certificate.
VIBE COLLECTION — 14K gold/silver earrings and 14k gold petroglyph reef pendant on an 18" chain.
MAHO CROSSROADS — $100 gift certificate.
ST. JOHN HARDWARE — $250 gift certificate.
HIGH TIDE — gift certificate.
LONGBOARD — $150 gift certificate.
UPFUL LIFE — Reef safe sunscreen products.
STREAM2SEA — Small, personal size dry bag filled with a variety of products.
ST. JOHN COASTAL — Metal Wall Art.
SHAMBLES -- 2 long sleeve rash guards (1 adult, 1 child).

FRIENDS OF THE PARK STORE -- $100 gift certificate.

More information on the 20th Annual Beach To Beach Power Swim can be found on our website!  

Thank you for helping us protect and preserve the natural and cultural resources of our beautiful park!