Contribute To A Fundraiser Or Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Virgin Islands National Park and the island of St. John are a small beautiful corner in our wonderful wide world!  It is this small corner we aim to protect and preserve for future generations.
Every single passionate person adds up to a collective community that truly makes a difference! Together, our kind, coordinated efforts help protect endangered sea turtles, plant hundreds of trees, maintain miles of trails, and support youth programs that inspire a love of nature in future generations.

Support one of the fundraisers below or CREATE YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING PAGE HERE and reach out to friends and family to help support the protection and preservation of your park!

  • Celebrate a special occasion or mark someones birthday with donations to this beautiful place!
  • Mark your birthday with gifts to protect the marine world including the turtles that have our hearts!
  • Sponsor a swimmer or get involved as a supporter or virtual swimmer in the Annual Beach To Beach Power Swim!

Thank you for making a difference! 

Sandra and Eric Bredthauer's Fundraiser

Sandra and Eric Bredthauer's Fundraiser


Sandra and Eric Bredthauer