This year, I've set a goal to swim around the perimeter of St. John in sections (not all in one go like that Jeff Miller character!). The next section I plan to complete is the Beach to Beach route from Maho to Hawksnest! I've completed several sections already, including a 4 mile section from Haulover south to Borck creek this past Friday and from Annaberg to Francis (around Mary Point) just yesterday. I've been a lot of places underwater around St. John, but this venture has led me to places I haven't seen yet and I'm loving it. I've found inspiration in folks who have done similar things around St. John and in addition to being a fun adventure of my own, it's my hope that maybe someone else will be inspired to discover some places they haven't seen by swimming around the island too. What better way to get into it than the beach to beach?!

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Lee Richter
May 25, 2020
Virgin Islands, United States


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Lee Richter


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